Public Award History

In 1989, Polk County and Prairie Meadows established a partnership with the goal of investing a significant portion of Prairie Meadows’ revenue back into the community. This investment is what allows us to fund our local non-profit community and economic development initiatives through the Community Development and Community Betterment grant programs. The Polk County Board of Supervisors also sponsors community events, such as galas, dinners, walks, etc. to support important issues in our community through the Sponsorship grant program. We are committed to bettering our community by investing in education, arts, culture, health and economic development.

Over the past three decades, together with Prairie Meadows, we have invested over $1.8 Billion to non-profits and local infrastructure projects. These investments play a major role in your everyday life as a resident of Polk County. From your public library, daily workout at the YMCA, major roads you drive on, your child’s school and more, this partnership has invested in it all so you can thrive in the place you call home.

Data is available by request for years before 2019. If you have any questions regarding awards, please contact Lisa Moody-Tunks at (515) 286-2272 or