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Guidelines & Questions

Community Development Grant Application


Organization Name
Organization Website
Tax Information
IRS Designation
Federal Tax Id
Tax Details

If this link does not return the organization's data either 1) the Tax ID is incorrect 2) the organization has not filed with the IRS 3) the IRS has not processed the organization's 990 or 4) the link address has changed. If you have confirmed the Tax ID and that the organization has filed with IRS please contact the IT Call Center for support.

Fiscal Agent Name
Fiscal Agent Irs Designation
Fiscal Agent Tax Id
If you do not have a Federal Tax Id or a Fiscal Agent please provide a brief explanation why
Is this organization under ecclesiastical or sectarian management or control, as specified in Iowa code 331.901(5)?
Mission Statement
Organization Address
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
District Number
District Supervisor
Mailing Address (if different)
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
If the organization is not in Polk County please provide a brief explanation of this organization's connection to Polk County.

Application Members

Name Title Email Phone


Requested Amount
Project Total Cost
Project Start Date
Project End Date
Project Summary
Project Description
Describe the goals of the project and target beneficiaries
Describe how the project will be evaluated and the desired impact
Do you have other financial and non-financial participants supporting this project?
State whether this project is a one-time request or if it has ongoing expenses. If it has ongoing expenses please describe these expenses
If there are other organizations providing similar projects then describe these organizations
If this organization previously received support from Polk County then indicate the year, amount received, organization name and project name
Describe how the project addresses a documented need and serves a public purpose within Polk County

Development Info

Describe how the program/event is consistent with Polk County's strategic planning initiatives or mission statement
Describe how the proposed activity is an innovative response to a problem
Describe how the program/event involves broad community participation
Describe how the application is supported by and is a collaboration of several organizations or diverse ethnic groups
Please indicate plans for recognizing Polk County's contribution
Table If Applicable
Speaking Opportunity
Social Media
Traditional Media
Photo Opportunity
Naming Rights
Newsletter or Email Distribution
Please indicate details of your plans to recognize Polk County’s sponsorship

Budget Expenditures

Salaries and benefits
Number of employees covered
Fundraising expenditures
Amount expended directly on participants
Capital infrastructure expenditures
Other Expenditures

Budget Revenues

Requested Amount
Other Public Contributors
Private Contributors
Individual Donations
Fundraising Activities
Other Funding

Budget Questions

What percent of the total budget does this grant fund?
Does your firm engage an external auditing firm?
If grant funding is received, by what date will funds be expended?
Describe any family or business connections the applicant(s) have to the members of the Board of Supervisors, to their immediate families or to any County employees as specified in Iowa Code 331.342?


Filename Document Type Description

Grant Report

If applicable, describe why grant funds were used outside the stated purpose
What percentage of funds were spent outside of Polk County?
What amount of funds are remaining?
What amount of funds, if any, will be returned to Polk County?
By what date were the funds expended or will be expended?
Summary of expenditures and outcomes

Grant Report Budget Expenditures

Expense Description Expense Amount Filename